Salida School counselors are in place to lead a myriad of projects in the school. At all sites the counselors directly teach students how to better understand themselves and their peers. A person’s IQ is a number that represents their capacity to handle information. In that same way a person has an EQ, or emotional quotient, which represents their capacity to regulate their selves and interact with peers successfully. The Board of Education has clearly targeted this area of EQ as a place to note our schools’ success. In fact, a person’s EQ is far more important than their IQ in regards to achieving their dreams. Our counselors lead this project and support students that are struggling.

Our counselors also lead their site in the RtI process (Response to Intervention) or MTSS, (Multi-tiered Service System). Regardless of how good a teacher is, some individual student is going to be behind or ahead of the instruction. Our RtI system is the formal process by which staff create plans to address learners that require extension or restructuring of a lesson. Our counselors help teachers create formal plans and monitor those interventions and changes until the staff can find the magic bullet for each student.

Our counselors also lead their site in developing student’s career options. All students should have an ICAP plan developed starting in 8th grade to assit students in considering a career path. In that same note the high school counselor offers support to Juniors and Seniors in college entrance and scholarships.

Our counselors also lead their site in interfacing with other agencies that are more equipped to support students and families with social or emotional needs. School does not happen in a vaccum, and as a result students are sometimes in crisis. The counselors can connect students with resources to meet their needs.

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