Supply List

2022-2023 Supply List – The Crest Academy 

Download a printable pdf version: 2022-2023 Supply List for The Crest Academy

We encourage used supplies, especially ones left over from last year!
Please, label * items with your name. 

Personal School Supplies

  • 2 Composition notebooks for ELA

  • 1 Composition notebook for Spanish

  • 1 Composition book for SEL

  • Math ⅞ only: 

    • 1 inch binder

    • 1 set of (8)tabs

    • 1 package of loose leaf

    • 1 package of graph paper

  • 2 pocket folders with brads (projects and home-to-school)

  • Pencil case 

  • Pencils 24 - to keep for personal use

  • Pencil sharpener for pencil case

  • Ruler with inches and centimeters *

  • Protractor*

Personal Care

  • Small hand sanitizer

  • Water bottle with a lid *

Communal supplies - we will collect and distribute throughout the year as needed

  • Sanitizing wipes (x2) for tables

  • Package of dry erase markers - 4 or 5

  • Box of Kleenex

  • 1 glue stick, 1 drip glue

  • Post-It tabs

  • Sticky notes

  • Pencils 24 - given to give to advisory teacher for communal use


  • Padded case for school's Chromebook (11.6" Screen size)

  • Markers * or colored pencils

  • Personal stapler *

  • 1 package fun pens for writing and drawing

  • Old t-shirt for an art project apron 

  • Hot drink mug WITH A LID* 

  • Pair of earphones to be kept at school *

Adventure Pack:* (Label all items inside with your name.)

Please, keep this bag AT HOME (as we don’t have space at school) – just make sure you have these items ready to go as they will be needed for various trips/adventures we have planned

Baseball or sun hat

Winter hat

Extra warm layer

Extra pair of pants and t-shirt

Rain jacket or poncho

Pair of sneakers

Pair of socks


Water bottle

Stash of pencils, pens

Extra shoes or slippers to keep at school and change into in case of wet weather causing dirty shoes.

hand sanitizer

small package of wipes

Optional: Other Gear to Plan for Outdoor Education (Label all items with your name.)

*None of these items are required; we will provide for field trips



Personal Flotation Device (PFD/life jacket)



bike helmet



ski helmet

snow gear

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